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Cars Squeal When Turning: Why? And How to Repair?

Cars, like any other machine, may develop technical faults. Sadly, these faults sometimes do not have signs that announce them. Cars squeal is a common fault that cars develop after being in service for a while. Some drivers may notice this early, while some may not. It all depends on their level of experience and the length to which they pay attention to their cars. The first time some people experience this, they usually freak out, especially with new cars. Also, most people do fear that driving such a car might compound the problems. What do they do? Invite a mechanic over. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of time. So, they face their fear, ignite the car, and start or continue their journey. The lucky ones might drive it into a mechanic workshop themselves. Here, the probable reasons why your car squeal when you turn will be looked into. If you already knew the causes, stay put. Why? Cause the solution will be discussed too.

Why Does Your Car Squeal When Turning?

The steering column is one of the problems causing cars squeal when turning.
Steer system: 1 Steer; 2 Steering column; 3 Pinion; 4 Steer arm; 5 Fusee
The steering column is one of the problems causing the cars to squeal when turning.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Several factors might be responsible for this occurrence. The common causes are listed below.

  • Friction between the car tire and some certain surfaces
  • Steering column problems
  • Friction between steering wheels and interior rims
  • Worn steering wheel.
  • Bad CV joint.
  • Dry suspension and steering components.
  • Low power-steering fluid.
  • Bad ball joints.
  • Loose interior and exterior trim
  • Suspension and chassis noise.
  • Bad lubrication.

If any of the above-listed doesn’t seem like the cause during personal diagnosis, please visit a mechanic workshop.

Is it safe to drive with your car squealing while turning?

As minor as this car squealing fault may sound to some people, it can be hazardous if not attended to.

If you are not driving on an unfamiliar surface, try bringing the car to a halt for diagnosing. If a mechanic workshop is at a safe distance, it would be most appropriate to check-in.

The different causes of a car squealing when turning have disparate potential severities.

Car squealing is an ominous sound to hear at the start of a new day, trip, or journey. When your cars squeal whenever you turn, it makes the journey less desirable. Besides, it is not safe to drive such a car until it is properly checked and repaired.

How to Fix Squealing Issues When Turning?

Luckily, you’ve discovered the possible causes of a car squealing while turning. Although there is no general remedy to all, none is irreparable. All have specific remedies that will be explicitly stated numerically.

Friction Between The Car Tire and Some Certain Surfaces

Car squealing sounds from friction on unfamiliar surfaces has no plausible remedy, but if there is an alternative route, please do use it.

Steering Column Problems

The steering column rarely fails, but when it does, it can cause a squealing sound when cars turn. The only remedy is to either repair the steering column or replace it. Try not to do this yourself; take it to a professional mechanic workshop.

Friction Between Steering Wheels and Interior Rims

The squealing sound caused by this friction usually comes from below the dashboard or inside the cabin. This is not steering related, though. If it is a new car, it is best to return it to the manufacturer. If it is not, please take it out for repair.

Worn Steering Wheel

A worn-out or loose steering wheel belt can make a car squeal when turning. Replacement of the steering wheel belt will solve the problem.

Bad CV Joint

A bad CV joint can cause to cars squeal
A CV joint with broken tone ring should be replaced by professionals to guarantee safety.
Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

A bad CV joint should be replaced by professionals to guarantee safety.

Dry Suspension and Steering Components

Lubrication of the suspension and steering components will fix the squealing car sound till it runs dry again.

Low Power-steering Fluid

The power steering liquid should be replaced. To avoid a reoccurrence, always check the power-steering fluid. Sometimes the low power-steering fluid is caused by leakage. Refueling it will only deal with the car squealing problem temporarily. For the best result, replace the power-steering rack.

Bad Ball Joints

Ball joints run smoothly when lubricated. If the car squealing sound continues after the car’s ball joints’ lubrication, the ball joints should be checked and repaired or replaced when necessary.

Loose Interior and Exterior Trim

When you discover the car squealing sound is caused by loose interior or exterior trim, try locating the disjointed spot. On locating the loose parts, fasten it if you can. If you can’t, drive the affected car to a trusted garage. For loose exterior trim, a powerful adhesive will eliminate the squealing sound.

Suspension and Chassis Noise

Ensure the mechanical joints are lubricated by a mechanic. If done well, the sound will be eliminated.

Bad Lubrication

Sometimes when mechanical lubrications are done by us or unprofessional alike, the same problem seems to reoccur or prove untouched. Just ensure you have your lubrication done by yourself or trusted mechanics. Also, the problem is not always the lubrication; it is sometimes the lubricant. Visit a car store or mechanic workshop and get a recommendation for the best or suitable lubricants. Although some solutions can be applied yourself, on days when you are unsure of the attempt, visit a mechanic workshop.


The squealing sounds when cars turn left or right are no doubt undesirable. It is even more undesirable for people experiencing it for the first time. The next time your car squeals when you turn, you will smile, or at the very least, not frown. Since you already know the likely causes of such problems, your next action at eliminating it should be defined. Also, it will save you some unnecessary spending in cases you can handle. Also, when a car squeal while you take turns, do not turn a blind eye. Even when you’ve experienced it a million times, ignoring it is not worth your life. To stay safe, please attend to it.

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