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P0442 OBDII Error Code: Everything You Need to Know

Is your OBDII registering P0442 code? P0442 Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Control is a technical term that means there is a leak in your car’s EVAP system. You do need to fix the P0442 code quickly and well, otherwise, it can lead to considerable damage to your vehicle. 

Today we shall go into great lengths to discuss everything about P0442 code. So make sure that you read the entire blog to understand all every aspect of P0442.

  P0442 is one of common Check Engine Light Codes
P0442 is one of common Check Engine Light Codes

What does Code P0442 mean?

When your OBDII records the code PO442, which is to inform you that there is a leak in the EVAP system of your car. EVAP system helps to prevent fuel vapor from escaping the vehicle fuel system. The OBDII carefully keeps an eye on your car’s EVAP system, and in case of any irregularity or leaks, it does appear on your dashboard as your check your engine light will be turned on.

What are the Causes of P0442?

The occurrence of P0442 is a common occurrence. It can occur in any car model. So what are the causes of P0442 Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Control?

They are several factors that can lead to your OBDII code P0442. Some of these factors include:

  • Improperly or loose gas cap
  • Poor quality gas cap
  • A faulty or small hole in the fuel vapor hose
  • A leak in the fuel tank
  • A leak in the Charcoal Canister
  • Damage in the car’s valves
  • Deterioration in the leak detection pump.

What are the Symptoms of P0442?

So how does one know that there is P0442 even without using an OBDII? P0442 comes with the following symptoms.

These include:

  • Your Car’s Check Light is turned on
  • In some instances, there is fuel odor present
  • There will be a decrease in gas mileage.

How To Diagnose P0442 Code?

Diagnosing P0442 Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Control is no rocket science. Using the following steps, one can quickly identify the PO442 code.

  • Start by hooking up your scan tool into your vehicle’s DLC port.
  • Note the codes being registered into your OBDII scanner
  • Check the data produced by the freeze-frame. Doing this does help to know the circumstances present during the malfunction period.
  • Make sure you clear the codes
  • Then take your vehicle for a test drive
  • After you are done, check for any visible damage on your EVAP system
  • Do visual inspection on your fuel tank
  • Carry out an inspection on the charcoal canister
  • Also, look at the status of the gas cap. Does your gas cap adequately fit your fuel tank?
  • Then take your scanner and check your tank pressure. Check for any existence of a leak
  • Scan your EVAP system and vent or purge valves
  • On your EVAP system do a smoke test. Carrying a smoke test helps to detect vapor leak

Diagnosing PO442 should not be a big problem for a qualified technician as long the following steps are performed in the correct order. No action should be overlooked as it can lead to misdiagnoses.

However, it is essential to check the state of the fuel cap as in many cases; as it tends to lead to PO442. Properly checking your gas cap can save you a lot of stress, time, money, and energy

How to Fix P0442 Code?

Fixing P0442 is easy, especially after identifying the cause of P0442. So how does one fix P0442?

  • When there is damage or weak gas cap, replace the gas cap with a new, original and quality gas cap
  • In the case of damage in the fuel tank, replacing or repairing the fuel tank can fix P0442
  • Some case of PO442 can be brought by a weak quality purge or vent valves. Consider replacing them with new quality valves
  • For cases of damage of EVAP system line, buying new EVAP line can fix PO442

How much does it cost to fix P0442?

Fixing P0442 Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Control is not a cheap affair. Expect to spend an average of $353. However, this cost varies on several factors including; the type of car, the cause, labor cost, repair parts among others.

Below is a sample of the cost of repairing P0442 Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Control

Car TypeLabor CostCost of PartsTotal Cost
Ford Fusion$75-$140$150-$530$225-$670
Honda Accord$30-$80$110-$480$140-$560
Honda Civic$30-$70$140-$255$170-$325
Ford F-Series$70-$180$140-$240$210-420
Toyota Camry$40-$70$440-$540$480-$610
Nissan Altima$30-$390$330-$420$360-$810
Ford Focus$65-$180$140-$230$205-$410
Honda CR-V$20-$80$180-$330$200-$410
Chevrolet Silverado$40-$70$280-$310$320-$380


Since childhood, we all have dreamt of owning a car. For some of us, we have been able to achieve the dream at a tender age. While some of us are still striving to own our first car. Owning your first car is a massive milestone in our lives. In some societies owning a car is a symbol of wealth.

While owning your car is excellent, headaches start when your car starts experiencing mechanical problems. It can be frustrating. However, with the advancement of technology, you can be able to detect any car problems with ease with the help of OBDII.

Today, we have looked at P0442 Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Control one of the many codes produced by OBDII. For more information about the different codes and how to fix each code, visit our page. We offer informative insights when it comes to automotive. Feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comment section below

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