INNOVA 5110 Vs 5210: Which Should I Buy?

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Wondering which car scanner, the INNOVA 5110 or 5210, is best for you? 

The main difference between them is what they can do – each has its own set of functions to suit various needs. Then, which one has the features that cater your needs?

Here, I’ve got all the details, and there’s an easy-to-follow chart to help you decide!

INNOVA 5110 vs. INNOVA 5210: Comparison Chart

DiagnosticsEngine/ ABSEngine/ ABS
Live data
Full OBD Modes
Battery Test
OBD2 car/light truck
OBD1 car/ light truck
Screen Size2.8”2.8”
Free UpdateLifetimeLifetime
Warranty1 year1 year
Customer Support8.5/108.5/10
Check Price at AmazonCheck Price at Amazon

Which One Should I Choose

Both INNOVA 5110 and 5210 are reliable and efficient options for car owners who need a basic code reader. Choosing between the INNOVA 5110 and 5210 depends on your specific needs and how much detail you want from your car scanner. 

  • INNOVA 5210: It’s like the 5110 but with some cool extras. It shows live data (like speed and engine stuff) and checks your battery. These features are super handy if you’re into more than just basic checks.
  • INNOVA 5110: It’s all about the basics – reading and clearing codes from your engine and brakes. Perfect if you just want to keep things simple.

Key Differences

The key difference between INNOVA 5110 and 5210 is the range of function:

  • The INNOVA 5210 is a versatile tool, great for those who need more than just basic code reading – it can read and clear codes, show live engine data, and even check your car’s battery health. Meanwhile, the INNOVA 5110 is just a basic code reader, focusing on reading and clearing engine and ABS codes.

In summary, while the INNOVA 5110 is a common choice for basic diagnostics, the INNOVA 5210 goes a step further, offering enhanced functionalities, which caters to a broader range of diagnostic needs.

There are a few small differences too, like the size of the screen and some other things. You can easily see these details in the comparison chart I’ve provided.

Detailed Comparison:

Performance/ Functions

Both INNOVA 5110 and 5210 both shine in their core functionality – reading and clearing diagnostic codes. I found no significant difference in their speed or accuracy. Both can diagnose problems quickly and easily. However, I have to say that the codes won’t be shown clearly, and you may need to download the RepairSolutions2 App for detailed information of the codes.

Smog checks are another shared feature, but the display size can be a bit limiting in terms of readability, especially for smaller icons or detailed information.

Now, let’s explore what differentiates the INNOVA 5210 from the 5110:

  • The INNOVA 5210 sets itself apart from the 5110 with its Live Data Feature. You can check stuff like how fast your engine is running (RPM), your car’s speed, and how hot your oil is, all in real time. I did hope it could show live wheel speeds, especially after changing a speed sensor, but that’s not available. However, for its price, it refreshes and updates this data pretty quickly. 
  • The 5210 also boasts a unique Battery Check Function, not found in the 5110. This feature makes the 5210 particularly valuable for those who need a quick and easy way to check battery health.

In summary, while the INNOVA 5110 is great for straightforward diagnostics, the INNOVA 5210 adds more layers of functionality, like live data monitoring and battery testing, not available in the 5110.

Design & Interface (Ease of use)

Both the INNOVA 5110 and 5210 are easy to use, which is great for people who aren’t super techy. They both have quick shortcut buttons, or ‘hot keys’, which are super convenient for quick diagnose.

The main difference? While both the INNOVA 5110 and 5210 have 2.8-inch screens, the 5210 is slightly larger overall. This is because it has more “hot keys”, for its additional features. Personally, I find the smaller size of the 5110 more convenient since it’s easier to handle and carry around.

However, a common wish I have for both models is that they included protective cases.

Vehicle Coverage

Actually because these two scanners come from one brand and stand at the same product line so while I test them, they both can support all the OBD2 vehicles. And they work flawlessly with all the vehicles. 

After sale service

The after-sales service for both scanners is the same. You get free lifetime updates, which is a great way to save money, and they also come with a one-year warranty.

As for tech support, from my experience with INNOVA products, their customer service team is decent. They might not be super helpful, but they’re good enough to help you sort out any issues you might have.

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