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Launch CRP123 Vs. CRP123X Vs. CRP123E: Review And Comparison

When you are in the market for a professional quality automotive scanner, you can’t do much better than the Launch CRP123, CRP123X, or the CRP123E. Your only problem will be deciding which is the best for your situation and use.

Any of these OBD2 handheld scan ODB scan tools are professional quality. However, some of them have more refreshing functions such as the operating systems, how they update, and how they charge. So, let’s view some of the critical aspects of each Launch CRP123, CRP123X, and the CRP123E.

Editor’s Top 3 Best Launch Scan Tools Comparison Chart

Editor’s PickBest BudgetAlso Great
Check Price
Check Price
Launch CRP123
Launch CRP123
Check Price
Customer Rating
4.64.6 / 5
4.64.6 / 5
4.54.5 / 5
PriceCRP123XCRP123ELaunch CRP123
Weight2.68 Pounds2.65 Pounds1.75 Pounds
Activate TPMS Sensors
Read TPMS Sensor Data--
Reprogram TPMS
Clone TPMS Sensors--
Relearn TPMS ECU--
Read TPMS Codes
Read Other System Codes

Launch CRP123 Vs. CRP123X Vs. CRP123E Detailed Review

Launch CRP123
Launch CRP123 OBD2 Scanner
4.54.5 / 5
This scanner not only reads OBD2 trouble codes but also gives you live stream data, SRS, ABS, and transmission codes.
Launch CRP123E
Launch CRP123E OBD2 Scanner
4.64.6 / 5
Launch CRP123E is the most compact with a touchscreen for quick use.
Launch CRP123X
Launch CRP123X OBD2 Scanner
4.64.6 / 5
Launch CRP123X supports the full spectrum of ODB2 mode.

The Launch CRP123, CRP123X, and CRP123E are some of the best professional quality auto scan tools that you can buy as you are first entering the market. Many first-time auto mechanics start their careers with a Launch CRP123, CRP123E, or a CRP123X. These auto scan tools are easy to use and access many automotive styles and models. They have high functionality that can show live view or recording.

The Launch CRP123, CRP123E, and CRP123X are three must compare devices when you are first in the market for a professional quality automotive scanner. Sure, there are a lot of similarities. Still, there are some differences too that can make help you to do your automotive work better. Taking the time to look through the comparison will give you a full understanding of what to expect from each of the Launch CRP123, CRP 123E, and CRP123X devices.

Finding the best scan tool for your individual needs will be a breeze with information about both the differences and similarities of each the Launch CRP123, CRP123E, and CRP123X. We will start with the similarities.

Similarities Between Launch CRP123, CRP123E, And CRP123X

Read & Clear Auto Codes: These ODB2 tools clear the codes of the major systems of the automobile. The transmission, the ABS, and SRS can all be read and cleared along with the engine codes.
Accessibility Options: There are freeze screen options, live readouts of data, Auto Vin, and I/M compatibility. The Launch CRP123, CRP123E, and CRP123X all support the full spectrum of ODB2 mode
Cords: The Launch CRP123, CRP123E, and CRP123X all use cords. Simply pair one of them to the OBD2 port to begin.

Differences Between Launch CRP123, CRP123E, And CRP123X

Launch CRP123 is formed a smaller screen at 3.5 inches
Launch CRP123 has a smaller screen at 3.5 inches

Display: Launch CRP123 has a smaller screen at 3.5 inches. CRP123X and CRP123E both have touch screens that are 5 inches across.
Graphics and Interface: The Launch CRP123 has limited graphics while the CRP123E and CRP123X have graphics run on a much more well know Android interface.
Keypad/Typing: Each of these devices have different typing options. The Launch CRP123 has a buttoned keyboard. The CRP123E has a 720p resolution touchscreen, and the CRP123X has both a keypad and a touchscreen, also with 720p.
Updates: Launch CRP123 is limited for updating. The Launch CRP123 can only be updated using the OBD2 wire. CRP123E and CRP123X can both be updated using a wireless connection.
Size: The Launch CRP123 is much lighter by almost a full pound than the other two models of the CRP123E and CRP123X. The CRP123X is the most significant device with a front screen and keypad as eleven inches across. The CRP123E is the most compact with a touchscreen for quick use.

A video of Launch CRP123

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a professional quality automotive scanner tool, the Launch CRP123, CRP123E, and CRP123X are all great choices. However, the Launch CRP123 is much more fundamental than the other two because it must use a cord to charge or update and has a less sleek interface.

The Wi-Fi upgrades, touchscreen, and interfacing all make the CRP123E and CRP123X much better options, especially for working auto technicians dealing with multiple customers. Our money is on the CRP123X. The CRP123X has various options we love plus bonuses like a touchscreen and a keypad as well as the ability to interface with all TPMS needs.

Finally, The CRP123X is more comfortable to handle with the large screen and the keypad. The keypad on a larger pad device is more convenient to type with using a keyboard. However, having a touchscreen is easier when asking others to take a look and make notes or deal with customers. CRP123X utilizes both.


● Can the Launch CRP123 get real-time data?

Yes. The readout of data from the auto can be seen in real-time to diagnose on the go, or you can record to look at for a later time.

● Does the CRP123 come with diagnostic diagrams?

Yes. There are pictures on the screen of the CRP123 that can help you to figure out what you are looking at with the data. You should be able to figure out the problem with your car, even if you are not a “car person.”

● How many updates can you get with the CRP123 reader?

The CRP123 reader is allowed free upgrades of systems and cars for life.

● Is the color screen needed for an auto scan tool?

The CRP123 auto scan tool utilizes a color display because it is much easier to read multiple readout charts at once. If you can read these charts in real-time at once, it is easier to see how the auto is functioning as a whole at one time.

● Can the CRP123 scan tool perform power balance, cycle contribution, or injector flow tests?

No. The CRP123X, CRP123E, and Launch CRP123 only run diagnostics for the four systems of ABS, SRS, Transmission, and Engine.

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