Launch CRP123E vs CRP123X: Key Differences and Similarities

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Before writing this comparison, our tester Eric Fugere spent tens of hours testing the Launch CRP123E and CRP123X on 7 different cars and 3 light trucks.

The aim of this comparison is to show you the key differences and similarities of the scan tools so that you can find out which is suitable for you.

We will also tell you who should buy them.

Let’s dive in!

Testing Records

Scanner modelsLaunch CRP123E, Launch CRP123X
TesterEric Fugere
Testing PeriodMay 10 to October 15, 2023
Vehicle TestedCars: 2012 Ford Focus, 2007 Saturn Vue, 2019 Toyota Corolla, 2016 Toyota Prius, 2014 Chevrolet Equinox, 2017 Honda Accord, 2011 Nissan Juke
Trucks: 2020 GMC Sierra 1500, 2019 Ford F-150, 2018 Silverado 1500
Functions TestedOBD2 Diagnostics, System Diagnostics (Engine, ABS, Airbag, Transmission), Battery Test, Oil Reset, SAS Reset, Throttle Adaptation

Launch CRP123E vs CRP123X Comparison Chart

launch CRP123E
Check Price
launch CRP123X
Check Price
Supported Engine Fuel TypeGasoline, Diesel, HybridGasoline, Diesel, Hybrid
Supported Vehicle TypeCars, SUVs, Light trucks, MinivansCars, SUVs, Light trucks, Minivans
Supported Vehicle BrandsSee Vehicle CoverageSee Vehicle Coverage
Supported Model YearsFrom 1996From 1996
Suitable UsersBeginner, Home MechanicBeginner, Home Mechanic
Supported Systemsengine, ABS, airbag (SRS), transmissionengine, ABS, airbag (SRS), transmission
OBD2 DiagnosticsFullFull
Read/Clear Codes
I/M Readiness
Freeze Frame
O2 Sensor Test
On-board Monitor Test (Mode $06)
EVAP System Test
Battery Voltage Test
Diagnostic Report
Auto VIN
DTC Library
Oil Reset
SAS Reset
Throttle Body Relearn
Connection TypeOBD2 CableOBD2 Cable
Operating SystemAndroid 7.0Android 7.0
Memory (RAM, ROM)1GB, 8GB1GB, 8GB
Display5-inch touch screen5-inch touch screen
Physical Keypads--
Battery Capacity6100mAh battery6100mAh battery
Free UpdatesLifetimeLifetime
Warranty5 years5 years

Key Differences

Launch CRP123E and CRP123X are twins with minor differences. The only difference between them is the design. While the Launch CRP123X has a physical keypad beside the 5-inch touch screen, the Launch CRP123E doesn’t. It only has a 5-inch touch screen.

Launch CRP123E
Launch CRP123E
Launch CRP123E doesn’t have physical keypads. It is suitable for clean and sensitive fingers.
Launch CRP123E
Launch CRP123X
Launch CRP123X has physical keypads making it suitable for hands with gloves or oil.

Key Similarities

1. Full OBD2 Diagnostics

Based on our tests, we discovered that both the Launch CRP123E and CRP123X can do all 10 of the important OBDII tests. They include reading error codes, freeze frame data, live data, AutoVIN, on-board monitor diagnostics, EVAP test, I/M readiness, O2 sensor test, etc. These are all really important functions for an OBD2 scanner, and we were happy to see that they worked really well on all the cars and light trucks we tried them on.

2. Four-system Diagnosis and Battery Test

Utilizing the Launch CRP123E and CRP123X, we can perform comprehensive diagnostics on the engine, ABS, airbag, and transmission systems with ease and uniformity. In addition to reading and clearing trouble codes, these scan tools provide an extensive array of live data, facilitating the precise identification of system issues. Furthermore, the battery test function proves valuable and operates seamlessly during our testing on various vehicles. The data obtained during our evaluation is presented in the table below:

Note: The results were consistent across all nine vehicles tested.

SystemsLive Data Retrieved
Engine SystemIntake air temperature
Fuel trim data
Throttle position
Misfire cylinder counts
Coolant temperature
Misfire data
Oxygen sensor data
Engine RPM
O2 sensor voltage
MAF sensor data
Ignition timing
Air intake humidity
Intake manifold pressure
Oil pressure
ABS systemABS System Self-Test Results
Brake Fluid Pressure
ABS Pump Motor
Wheel Speed Sensors
ABS System Voltage
ABS Module Data
Wheel Speed Discrepancy
ABS Solenoid Activation
Lateral Acceleration
Steering Angle Sensors
Airbag SystemAirbag Deployment Status
Seatbelt Sensors
Reset SRS Code
System Self-Test Results
Crash Sensors
Voltage and Power Supply
Seat Occupancy Sensor
Occupant Detection
Airbag Sensor
Airbag Weight Sensor
Transmission SystemShift Solenoid Status
Transmission Fluid Temperature
Transmission input speed sensor
Gear Position
Torque Converter Clutch Status
Tachometer drive shaft
Transmission Fluid Pressure

3. Oil Reset, SAS Reset, Throttle Adaptation

The three reset functions are designed for home mechanics and both the scanners work the same in our tests. No significant differences found.

4. Wide Vehicle Coverage

The two Launch scan tools are compatible with all the 10 cars and trucks we tested. However, it doesn’t mean that they will work on any vehicles. It’s better to double check using the vehicle coverage checker provided by Launch

5. User-friendly Build, Strong Configuration

The Launch CRP123E and CRP123X are well-designed scan tools with user-friendly build and strong configuration. These compact car scanners feature a sleek and durable design with an easy-to-navigate color screen. 

They both come equipped with a robust OBD2 connector cable for quick and secure connections to your vehicle. 

Their intuitive interface allows users to access a wide range of diagnostic functions, from reading error codes to viewing live data, all in a hassle-free manner. 

The scan tools’ configuration is streamlined to provide efficient and accurate results, making it a valuable companion for anyone looking to troubleshoot and maintain their vehicles.

Who Should Buy Them?

I would recommend both of these scanners to home mechanics. If you have a preference for physical keypads alongside the touchscreen interface, the Launch CRP123X is a suitable choice. 

However, if you seek a fully touchscreen-operated device, the Launch CRP123E is tailored to meet your requirements.

Launch CRP123E
Launch CRP123E
Launch CRP123E doesn’t have physical keypads. It is suitable for clean and sensitive fingers.
Launch CRP123E
Launch CRP123X
Launch CRP123X has physical keypads making it suitable for hands with gloves or oil.

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