5 Best Volvo Scan Tools for 2024 [Tested]

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Choosing the right Volvo scan tool can be challenging due to numerous diagnostic devices claiming to support Volvo vehicles. It’s natural to wonder if these tools can actually work well with your specific Volvo model.

However, our testing team has conducted extensive evaluations on nine different scanners across various Volvo vehicles. Based on our tests, we have identified the top five scanners that deliver excellent performance on Volvo vehicles.

For more information, check out the table below.

TesterOBD Solaris’s Testers
Testing dateOct 25th – Nov 9th, 2023
Number of tested products9
Number of tested cars5

Best VOLVO Scan Tools Comparison Chart

Satisfaction score
What it can do?Check Price
Editor's Pick
[Fit for home mechanics]
- Full-system diagnosis
- Full OBD2 functions
- 28 service functions
- Throttle Relearn
ICarsoft i906 (for Volvo)
[Fit for home mechanics]
- Full-system diagnosis
- Full OBD2 functions
Best Cheap
Autel MS309
[Fit for beginners]
- Engine-system diagnosis
- I/M Readiness
[Fit for beginners]
- Engine-system diagnosis
- Full OBD2 functions
- Engine live data

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Best Professional Volvo OBDII Diagnostic Tools

#1. iCarsoft i906

iCarsoft i906 is the best scanner for Volvo that we’ve tested. It is specifically designed for Volvo and supports all Volvo models that we have tested.

One notable feature of this scanner is its ability to quickly pull codes from the main systems of the vehicle, including the engine, ABS, SRS, transmission, etc. It takes less than 10 seconds to retrieve the codes from each system, making it a speedy option.

In our experience, the iCarsoft i906 has been able to display specific codes for Volvo that we haven’t seen in other OBD2 scanners. Additionally, we have been able to clear all the codes without encountering any issues.

The iCarsoft i906 also provides a wide range of live data, such as air temperature, battery voltage, throttle position, coolant temperature, and more. Retrieving live data from 1 to 4 modules is also quick, taking only 2-3 seconds. The information displayed is clear and easily understandable, even for beginners. During our testing, we also find that the I/M readiness function of the iCarsoft i906 scanner worked reliably and accurately on all vehicles.

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#2. Autel MS309

We’ve found that the Autel MS309 is the most affordable option for Volvo owners who want a quick and basic check of their vehicles at home. 

One of the standout features of this tool is its ease of use. Simply plug it in, and all the main functions are readily available on the main menu. Furthermore, the Autel MS309 is impressively fast. We can easily read and clear codes in under 1 minute.

During our testing, we haven’t encountered any fault or ghost codes. However, it’s worth noting that the Autel MS309 focuses primarily on OBDII engine codes and may not offer as comprehensive functionality as other tools.

The I/M Readiness function of the Autel MS309 is also notable for its speed and accuracy. It provides all the necessary values to determine if a vehicle is ready for a smog test, including MIL status, misfire monitor, and EVAP system information.

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FOXWELL NT301 is a great handheld option for beginners who want to take care of the engine system and perform quick smog tests on their Volvo vehicles.

Similar to the Bluedriver, the FOXWELL NT301 is a universal scanner and not specifically designed for Volvos. However, in our tests, it has successfully worked on most Volvo vehicles, with the exception of one (2004 Volvo XC70).

This scanner is really fast, take under 10 seconds to pull all the engine codes. FOXWELL NT301 is efficient at pulling data stream information as well. We also tried the graph live data function of the FOXWELL NT301. However, unlike the Bluedriver, which allows us to graph multiple parameters simultaneously, the FOXWELL NT301 can only graph one value at a time.

Another feature we appreciate is the I/M Readiness function of the FOXWELL NT301. The displayed data is clear, colorful, and easy to read, providing valuable information about the readiness status.

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#4. BlueDriver

Bluedriver is not a specific scanner designed for Volvo vehicles, but it can support all Volvo vehicles that we’ve tested. 

Bluedriver scans the vehicle in just 30 seconds and provides valuable information beyond fault codes. It offers insights on code frequency and includes guidance on how to resolve the issues, suggesting specific parts to purchase. However, in our experience, it only scans the engine system of Volvo vehicles, unlike other Volvo-specific options that cover multiple systems.

We also tested the Bluedriver’s live data and smog test functions, and we liked how easy it was to read the displayed information. You can view the live data in three ways: as gauges, graphs, or numbers. We found the graph view to be the easiest to understand. Just remember, if you choose too many values to monitor at once, the app may become slow.

One standout feature of the Bluedriver scanner is its ability to reset the oil and TPMS systems on all the Volvo vehicles we tested. It gives you step-by-step instructions, and the whole process only takes a few minutes.

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Final thoughts

Our review for the best Volvo scanners has come to an end, and we have two quick recommendations for you:

We hope that this post has helped you find the most suitable scan tool for your Volvo.

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